Jean D'Abreu, Business Intelligence, 15 April 2005

Specialist corporate network Group, Paulsmeier Inc. is under threat of a $500 million takeover bid by a deep pocketed Arabian investment consortium.

"I believe my client's (Arabian consortium) offer to acquire the intellectual capital of Professional Investors Group is extremely fair and reasonable" said Mr. Hadeem about the consortiums acquisition bid for the division of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group.

Analysts are in agreement that the offer must have significant strategic benefits to the Paulsmeier Inc. Group, or the well beyond rich Mark Paulsmeier would not consider the offer at all. It is further believe the offer could only amount to the approximately a 20 or 25 percent interest in Professional Investors Group, as the intellectual capital should be worth well over $2 billion.

The intellectual capital of the Group includes the collective knowledge, experience and resources of its corporate expertise division - consisting of over 50 000 professional members, its revenue capital funding division - consisting of over 1200 funding syndicates with a funding capacity in excess of $115 billion and its project development division - consisting of over 5000 project brokers and individual investment brokers. The Group's comprehensive access to resources renders itself to successfully facilitate virtually any kind or size of corporate venture.

The Paulsmeier Inc. Group made earlier headline news with their involvement as facilitator in the 9.5 billion pounds Marks & Spencer takeover attempt. Apparently the mere announcement of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group's intention to become involved in a possible management buy- out of Mark & Spencer saw 130 million pounds of Marks & Spencer Stock, representing 35 million shares, traded in 40 minutes.